Social Media Addiction and Millenials
Social Media Addiction and Millennials Image courtesy:

Social media is till date the most potent Drug Indian millennials have tasted

Welcome to the world where every single inconsequential thing is over-exposed; be it an individual’s travel diary, one’s personal relationships, someone’s work-scene or just a pout! Welcome to today’s India, driven and controlled by social media bequest which has gone a bit out-of-bounds.

Keeping aside the judgments and moral lectures, we shall focus on the typical behaviors Indian millennials exhibit on social media which are border-line sinister.

Social media anxiety is real

There’s no doubt that today, it’s impossible to imagine life without social media and there are hundreds of benefits that this phenomenon called social media offers to individuals and businesses all across the world. Social media has opened up a whole new world of opportunities, indeed.

But like all other scientific innovations, social media too is subjected to misuses and this won’t be wrong to say that now we’ve reached a point where social media is overwhelming and arresting that it’s no longer just a tool to connect. For some, especially the younger lot, it has become an obsession.

It can happen to the best of us. We post the wrong photo on Facebook or Tweet about something we shouldn’t have talked publicly just to realize later that it has already done the damage. For some, the need to connect digitally is so powerful and instant that they often foster wrong and undue expectations from the fellow netizens. Failing to get the desired response, they start feeling low on self-esteem and often get worked-up. If researches are to be believed, many among us, are suffering from a disorder which is called ‘Social Media Anxiety Disorder’ and it’s not a myth!

It can get to a point where the thought of taking a sabbatical or going off a social media platform can make people feel severely nervous.

The common trends

The Rise in Selfie Deaths Image Courtesy:

It’s very difficult to keep one’s attention away from the social media timelines flooded with duck-faced selfies, relationship updates, Snapchat filters. It seems that all the 20-somethings in the country are on a mission to boasting about their lives, partners, expensive gadgets, vacations and what not on social media platforms. We wonder about the logic behind such craze.

According to a recent survey, indiscriminate use of social media causes anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and bullying. Let’s not forget that India recorded the maximum number of selfie deaths in the world.

Social Media Likes Image Courtesy:

If ‘plzz like ma picz’ sorts of sentences sound alien to you, chances are there that you are not from today’s world! Wanting validation from the people who matter is a common human trait but on social media more than often it’s taken to the obscene levels where one may fall victim of self-criticism or self-doubt if his social behaviors are not ‘liked’ as desired.

The Pout Culture of Millennials Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Which picture looks original and appealing to you? ‘Pouting’ is a kid thing! It has always been one. When the older ones overdo the same antics for the sake of it, it looks plastic and forced. Pouting relentlessly while taking selfies and posting on social media is yet another fad among millennials.

Snapchat Filters Image Courtesy: MTV

Just one thing – Dog filters on human face don’t look cool!

Sarahah App is Becoming Popular Among The Millennials Image Courtesy: RVCJ Media

The all-new Sarahah App is fast becoming popular among the millennials and many believe that this App has been designed cleverly levering the psychological vulnerability of the new generation – to pamper their ego and social vanity.

The perfect balance

They say: ‘Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people’. There couldn’t be any other line more accurate than this. Social media is an excellent platform to share and engage, to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones, to learn, to teach – if each one of us uses it wisely and thoughtfully, we will never fall victim of it.

Let social media be what it intended to be: An excellent mechanism to create global communities and share our stories with each other.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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