9amstories James Law talks about his inspirations

James Law talks about his inspirations to create, Cybertecture International and its esteemed portfolio – Exclusive with 9 AM Stories

We are very curious to know about Cybertecture International. Can you make our readers understand about it in layman's language?

The company is called James Law Cybertecture International. We are a design and Innovation Company which focuses on Smart Architecture, Smart Interiors, Smart Cities and Smart Technologies. We design to create a better world through our buildings, spaces, cities and technologies, and thereby alleviate suffering of people in a better fabric of Mankind. This is our philosophy at Cybertecture.

We came to know that you run an NGO called Cybertecture for Humanity. Would you like to talk about it?

Cybertecture for Humanity is a NGO that alleviates suffering by design. We are a global platform that brings opportunity for designers to use their innovation and creativity to solve global problems, and thereby alleviate the suffering of people.

You are an architect, an interior designer and also a technologist. Which role you play the best? Which one is your personal favorite?

I believe that I am a Cybertect, an amalgamation of all three roles of architect, interior designer and technologist. I do not have one particular favorite as I believe the role of the Cybertect is now key to how we design a better future in the 21st Century.



You have been working in India. How has been your experience of working here with Developers? How is it different as compared to Hong Kong?

Every place we work around the world is different in culture, history, politics and economics. India is very different from Hong Kong; and India is unique. I am very happy to be working in India.

What are your future plans? Please let us about your new projects and initiatives in India?

Our plan for the future is to design the future! We are working on a number of ground breaking projects around the world including India. The term Cybertecture and the work of James Law Cybertecture will become synonymous with innovation and bold design for the betterment of mankind.

What motivates you to design?

To create a better fabric of mankind and to alleviate the suffering of others with our innovation and creativity.

About James Law:

James Law is the founder of international architecture and technology design firm James Law Cybertecture; smart cities company Cybertecture X; smart health company Cybertecture H; design education institution Cybertecture Academy, and NGO Cybertecture For Humanity.
James is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum; a Council Member of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Design & Innovation; Board Member of the Hong Kong Design Centre, Board Adviser of the Hong Kong Designers Association, and Member of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Real Estate Advisory Board, and frequent TED speaker.


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