India loves to shop online!
India loves to shop online!

India Loves to Shop Online!

The way Indians shop is changing rapidly and the whole perception of the shopping is very different today than earlier times. According to a report, as much as 80% of Indian consumers will shop online in near future and more than 70% of the buyers take user reviews seriously as of today.

Indian brands can no longer ignore the online channels to sell their products. Here are a few reasons why:

I shop because I am bored – Gone are those days when one used to pick up a book or go out for a stroll whenever bored or having to spend some free time. With the penetration of internet even to the remote towns and rural areas, Indians are spending every idle moment for browsing ecommerce sites and doing online purchases. Thanks to the 3G and even 4G internet service infiltration, young Indians are mostly on their mobile phones and ecommerce brands were quick to join the bandwagon.

I shop online because I don’t have time – Today’s India is on run. Almost every Indian who’s working complains about lack of time and busy lifestyle. In addition, offline shopping involves battling traffic congestion, unfavorable weather condition and other hurdles while one can simply shop from online retail shops without having to spend much time. Rising standard of living along with increase in disposable income have made Indians high on online shopping.

Ease of transaction – In the earlier days of online shopping, people used to be wary of online frauds much more as online banking was at its nascent stage and safety of sensitive customer information was an issue. With the advent of safe and fast internet banking service, people, especially the new generation are shopping online like there’s no tomorrow.

As per a report by Indian Institute of eCommerce, by 2020 India would generate $100 billion through online retail industry, a majority of which through purchase of fashion related products such as apparels and accessories.

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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