change homes frequently? rent furniture to move light
Change homes frequently? Rent furniture to move light

Change homes frequently? Rent furniture to move light

Buying furniture or appliances every time you change home can be intimidating; especially if you shift homes frequently. Be it within a city or in-between cities, it’s not an easy task to find a fully-furnished house; moreover, there’s no guarantee that you would like the furniture that your landlord might have dumped in the flat to be rented out for his convenience.

Days are changing and you aren’t any short of options if you just don’t want to live with the hassle of buying and/or selling furniture every time you change home frequently. Cost of living is going upward and no matter if you are single or married, cost of buying and shifting furniture is a dispensable cost if you decide to rent furniture. Here is why:

Flexibility – Who wouldn’t love to remain flexible while changing homes? More importantly, what if your test and preferences change when it comes to decorating your next home? Here’s the remedy – most of the furniture renting companies offer the flexibility you would love about the furniture of your choice. Every time you are bored of looking at your red reading table, you can upgrade to a wooden one as and when you wish

Cost-saving – Good quality furniture comes at a high cost and it may not be a viable option for a person who has just started working or living on a tight budget. Rentomojo has a queen size metal and solid wood bed at just 439/- per month, which can mean both a cost-effective and a quality solution to your sleeping in style problem!

Hassle-free – Why to add the stress of buying furniture or appliances to an already bulging list of stresses involving home shifting? Settling in a new place is already a stressful task. The renting agencies normally come with the convenience of installation and it takes away the pain of you at a minimal cost.

Duration – You may have rented a place for a couple of months and couldn’t find yourself a furnished place to stay. What will you do in that case? Simply, consider renting your furniture for a short-term stay. The best thing about the furniture renting agencies is the flexibility of the terms and you can always go for a short-term tenure if you need be, albeit the cost may be a little higher than long-term rentals.

Quality – If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your furniture or appliances, you should be ready to shell out a hefty amount. Now, you still can enjoy good quality without paying a bomb. Here come the renting agencies like Rentomojo or Gozefo; who give good quality furniture and appliances on rent at low costs.

So, next time when you fancy a beautiful bed-side table for your home but know that the monthly budget will get hampered if you go and buy it, consider ‘renting’ it!

Authored: 9amstories editorial

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